Thursday, May 24, 2012

nuthin new

nuthin' new goin' on.  just thought i would post one of my tangles so i would keep the blog running.

this one is just a zendala i did before the new tiles came out.  i like the blue and green.  the edge is a tangle that i came up with myself.  i call it "shrooms" because i thought it looked like mushrooms all in a row. 
this one is on the medical paper tape that i love so much.  it just has a tooth and texture that i like.

i hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

guhruuuuuuuuvvey maaaan

here is my first ever contribution to the diva's challenge.  i started out with a "groovy" state of mind....but then.....well, it just got kinda whack.  i hope you like it.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

why the rat you ask?

good day everyone!

why the rat you ask? well....why not? he's cute and he's fun.  i saw him in the gift shop of the hospital that i work for and i just couldn't resist him.  i thought he would look really cute next halloween pumpkin on the coffee table so i bought him.  on the way home i put him in the cup holder of my vehicle.....or as she's better known PEARL46 and he looked so darn cute!  he was looking up and out the windshield with this expression like...where we goin? i started to chuckle and that is where he's sat ever since.  he has become my personal "roaming gnome" and he goes everywhere with me.

 let's see, his first big adventure was to the SPENCERIAN SAGA 2010 in geneva on the lake ohio.  that is the birthplace of the great master penman Platt Rogers Spencer.  he's the dude that was responsible for our modern cursive writing.  an art form that is on the brink of extinction.  do you know that most schools don't even teach penmanship anymore?  sure the kindergarten teacher teaches kids how to "write" their ABCs but now how to write their ABCs, at least not with any grace.  i mean how often do you get anything that is hand written?  even your kids do their writing on the computer and very seldom put hand to paper to do their homework.  i think that is very sad.
the coolest part of the saga was, one day, while he was practicing his letters herkimer overheard the two women behind us talk about Zentangle.  well, his little head whipped around and he asked them about it because whitinsville was where herkimer really wanted to see the saga was the same week as the CZT training but alas and alack, the training was closed by the time i heard about it and we missed the boat...i remember that we actually got in trouble for talking in class about Zentangle!  can ya dig it?  48 years old and getting in trouble by the teacher for talking in class?  who'da thunk it!! i felt like i was 12...well, come to think of it that is the age i act like most of the least the teacher thought so!  it took him 3 days to warm up to herkimer...but warm up he did, the MASTER PENMAN Michael Sull even made herkimer his own name tag!!  mr. sull should have been grateful because it was Maria Thomas that suggested to all of us that we take a class with the master penman michael sull in the first place so it was Zentangle that brought us to the saga!!

well, we managed to get a lesson from those two FABULOUS CTZs Lisa Ruschman and Launie McDevitt and after talking with them he was hooked!! now we're ALL CTZs...yes, even herkimer, he did attend the CZT training after all!

so you see Zentangle can benefit your life in loads of ways, the best one being life long friendships! if you are in the cleveland ohio area and want to learn, Launie and Lisa are the best!! you can find them on the web at  if you are in the central illinois area herkimer and i are available.  you can reach us as or you can go to the website and find a CZT in your area! 

God bless you and keep you where ever you are. 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

good day everyone!

good day everyone!
today is my very first post on my new blog.  seems a little pretentious to have a blog, i mean after all what do i have to say worth listening to?  well, actually i don't know, we will just have to see.  for my inaugural post i'll just tell you why i started one.
you see, i've become over the moon about the art form  Z e n t a n g l e (registered) in the last few years and i would have to say that i started a blog because a good deal of the other CZTs have least the most successful ones do so i'm going to try my hand.  i must admit i'm not aces on the design of a blog yet but just you wait...i'll get 'er figured out and it'll be cool beans in no time!

i didn't become a CZT to get rich on all of the classes, product and stuff i could sell.   i became a CZT because i think it is just so amazing!  it is incredible to take a small 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square and with a few pen strokes turn it into a frame worthy work of art.  just as detailed and every bit as artsy-fartsy as the great abstract painters. i love that the materials you use are ARTIST QUALITY...paper, pens, pencils everything.  those things elevate the plain 'ole "doodler" to the stature of ARTISTE' and don't anyone forget it.  it just makes you feel good about yourself to know you have created a masterpiece and everyone can use a little dose of  "feel good" medicine.   

i agree whole hearted that ANYONE can learn, benefit and love   Z e n t a n g l e (registered) and i would like to teach it to them. i know from my own experience of learning what i could glean from the website, and other places on the web, that learning on your own isn't anything compared to being taught from someone who loves it and knows what it is all about. take for example my work from before the czt seminar...
my work was done on scraps of paper (usually at work) and they had no personality, no pizazz....NO SHADING. then i used the same concept on one of the fabulous fabriano tiepolo tiles that i was given at the czt training and along with the shading and the details i had been taught the design comes alive.  how cool is that?!
there is no comparison to learning from the Masters, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  if anyone that is reading this is contemplating going to a CZT seminar I can't stress enough how great of an experience it will be!  everyone is so warm and friendly, especially Rick, Maria, Molly and everyone at Zentangle. 

so that's why i started a blog, so i would have somewhere to put silly bits of knowledge, ask crazy questions and share my love of   Z e n t a n g l e (registered).
well, criminal minds comes on in 15 minutes and i have prattled on enough for the first time.  in the words of the "truman show"...good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. 

God bless you and keep you where ever you may be.

oh yeah, my person loved czt training too!!